The impact of the internet

The use of the internet and social media has directly impacted my life sufficiently. My father is from Italy and the majority of his side of the family still lives there. With the help of Facebook, Skype, and email I have been able to meet and develop relationships with some of the family members I never thought  I would get a chance to meet. The internet has impacted everyone in different ways but without it I wouldn’t have the chance to be so close to my family across the Atlantic.

Openness can be a good thing?

Could this be true? Could some kid from Minnesota really save the life of a stranded women? Makes me think about how open the internet is  now that you can find someone stranded on an island from halfway across the world. Not sure if this article is actually true but it does show the amount of power everyone has with the internet and the amount of openness we have today.

Inventing the Future

In the past 100 years the world has developed beyond compare and is known as the golden age of discovery. In these 100 years  the internet was developed and its promised to continue improve for the next 100 years. Because of the internet most jobs have become easier to do and soon enough a lot of jobs will no longer exist because computers will take over.”The Internet will have a much deeper impact on society than the computer–and the effects, like the Internet itself, will grow exponentially, as being connected becomes cheaper and simpler.”Said the author of Inventing the Future, Nancy Shute.

The development of wireless communication is seen everyday with tablets, e-books, bluetooth devices, and voice activated everything! The internet and communications go hand in hand and with the future of technology, communication will more then likely be the source of the internet. Everything will be voice activated and one would be able to access anything they could ever want with the sound of their voice. The future is unclear to everyone but the future of technology is definitely going to be something incredible.

The10 greatest communications inventions

The internet is know as one of the 10 greatest communication inventions of all time, some would even suggest that it is the greatest. Vint Cerf, is known as the father of the internet because he developed TCP/IP and was released on New Years Day 1983. Then in 1989, the world’s first pages using HTML and HTTP were invented by the European Tim Berners-Lee. Between the two of them, they created the world wide web.  After the internet was invented the next great thing came along in the mid to late 90s, which was the wireless internet. “It was Vic Hayes and his work with the IEEE to develop the various versions of the 802.1,”  said Juan Pablo Conti. The concept of being able to wirelessly use a computer, printer, or anything was unthinkable before that time. The development of these two inventions have literally changed our word and will continue to in the future.

Tracing the Diffusion of Internet in Malaysia: Then and Now

For most of the world, the internet has been a change in the way our society works. In the country of Malaysia the internet has done the same and even became a household name with the invention of Facebook.  The mid-1990s was considered the internet age for Malaysia, this is when the growth in the number of internet hosts started to dramatically increase. In 1996 the country’s first search engine and web portal company was founded although only one out of every thousand Malaysians had access to the internet. By the late 90s, all Malaysians who had savings accounts with Employee Provident Fund were able to take money out of their savings accounts to buy a computer to use to borrow money against their retirement funds. By 2005, the National Public Policy Workshop made sure that computers were put in workplaces to increase workplace competency. “Malaysia has made big strides as far as the adoption and use of the internet is concerned,” said Ali Salman. Now a days almost everyone is on the internet in Malaysia, for 12 to 14 hours per week. Despite all the big jumps Malaysia has made to become more internet friendly, they will continue to increase as time goes on.


The Value of Fair Use

With the media and internet growing everyday, the accessibility of copyrighting grows as well. Even if something is only generally in the range of fair use, most people will not get the right to view it, let alone copy it. Legal protections have strengthened over the years with the development of the fair use laws. Considering this, the internet has directly been affected with the loss of many digital works. The author of this article, George H. Pike, states that the fair use laws will more than likely be nonexistent sooner than most expect. A report of fair use in 2006  showed that 2.2 trillion dollars were contributed to the United States economy from copyrighted materials. A number of industries these days rely on the fair use doctrine to bring in their revenue.

Such a vast majority of things fall under the fair use doctrine these days, especially music . It takes just minutes for someone to download, rip, and burn music from one software to another so they will not have to pay for the actual song.  Although there is fair use issues in every form, academic copyright is the biggest issue. Cornell University has developed guidelines for the fair use doctrine, and everything used must meet the criteria of this checklist.  With this century known as the digital age, fair use continues to be a big challenge. In the most recent years there have been proposals put before Congress to strengthen the fair use laws which will in turn make things even harder to copyright.

Fair Use, Film, and the Advantages of Internet Distribution

In the film world, ensuring the enforcement of the fair use doctrine is literally impossible. Media gatekeepers work hard to assure that each piece of material does not get copyrighted. One way media gatekeepers go beyond what the fair use laws generally insist is by copyrighting components of movies. Movie lovers suffer from this because a third of movies made and even written are shut down due to copyrighted information.

Luckily for filmmakers, the use of the internet has given new life to short films and film making. With both Youtube and Yahoo video, filmmakers are able to not worry as much about copyright laws and media gatekeepers, while still being able to reach a large audience. Although copyright owners can still sue a filmmaker for infringement on the internet, the filmmakers have a lot more freedom because the guidelines are not as strict. The author of this article, Fred von Lohmann, states that “thanks to the Internet and the special copyright rules that apply to it, audiences may for the first time begin seeing all the films that fair use permits, rather than just those films that traditional gatekeepers are willing to show.”  This just shows how much the internet has made a difference in our lives.

Fair-Use Help For Internet On Its Way

With so many students in schools using the internet these days to do their schoolwork, teachers and administrators are finding it very difficult to make sure these students do not copyright information. In this generation, students all over the world are using the internet, not only for personal use, but for school as well. When writing papers or doing projects, students are required to cite their sources. However, students lack initiative to cite properly or fail to do so at all. Considering this,  they have created “The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education,” that restricts websites that are not permitted by law  for classroom use. Kathleen Kennedy Manzo states that, “As more and more teachers and students seek to tap into technology-based information, share that information by downloading or sharing content, or mix it in podcasts and other user-created content, there is an increasing need for accurate information about the fair use of outside materials.” Hopefully with the new limitations put on school computers, students will be more accustomed the Internet’s fair use laws.

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